About Us

About Us

Mission Statement
Bandiera Jewellers combines its passion for old-world craftsmanship with a taste for modern luxury. This is important because the foundation of our business is built on family tradition and cultural heritage.

We are an independent and family-owned business. Our core vision and philosophy is “what is worth making is worth being crafted by hand and designed with passion and flair”. This is the culture in which 3 generations of the Bandiera families were immersed in and where we have developed our solid experience and business sensibility as jewellery and wristwatch experts. Our reputation is founded on well-forged family values and quality service that embodies the very best of Italian tradition.

It began over half a century ago, during the 1960s, in Southern Italy when our grandparent Lina Bandiera opened a store in her hometown of Carlentini, where she sold silver jewellery. Her husband Antonino had a passion for watches and learned the trade of watchmaking.

Marco and Giorgio Bandiera grew up at the jewellery and watchmaker’s bench, first in Sicily, where their parents, Teodoro and Maria opened their first store in 1972.

The Bandiera family emigrated to Canada in 1990, opening its flagship boutique in Woodbridge in 1991 and renovating to an expanded location in 2005.

In 2010, we opened the boutique in Yorkville in downtown Toronto, a hub of luxury outlets serving clientele with an appreciation for high quality, hand-crafted goods.

Our Brands and Industry Partners
We are in a pleasurable business where our products celebrate almost exclusively happy events, and we often get emails from those who receive the jewels or the timepieces that have come from our store.

Complete Customer Care & Services
As experienced jewellers we have the opportunity of being a part in many people’s special moments. People entrust us with guiding them in selecting the perfect item, whether it be a birthday or holiday gift, an engagement or wedding band, a special achievement and corporate gift or an anniversary. This allows our store, our product and our family to become part of our clients’ stories. Years of experience, along with sales and technical staff that ensures our customers the confidence to entrust their important jewellery and wristwatches in our care.