Wellendorff Listen To Your Heart Gold and Diamonds Ring

Wellendorff Listen To Your Heart Gold and Diamonds Ring.

There are certain times when the “here and now” is all that matters. At those times, this ring with its sparkling pavé heart invites us to have the courage to follow our hearts. Set with diamonds and embedded in 18-karat gold, the Wellendorff heart —the focal point of the reinterpreted Wellendorff vine motif — is a stylish, sparkling detail. Limited for 125 hearts around the world.

Shades of turquoise and light blue flank the precious Wellendorff heart, awakening a sense of longing. The blue hues symbolise a yearning for the expansiveness of the sea, for harmony and happiness. A feeling that resides in every heart, that you want to capture forever. A feeling that is awoken whenever you follow your intuition. The transparent, hand-applied Wellendorff cold enamel colours allow this glimpse into mysterious depths and immerse you in a world of dreams. It is created using a new engraving technique making the cold enamel colours gleam with incomparable brilliance and reflect the light through the wonderfully shiny background like a mirror. The finest craftsmanship for which the Wellendorff family business from the golden city of Pforzheim has been renowned for 126 years.